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Hi m40, i have downloaded the player, but no chance to open the zip (tested with different programs, WinZip, 7zip, Filezip ...). Any idea?
By goemo on Nov 30 -0001 | Flex Video Player
Hi goemo! Unfortunately that download is not available yet. The product is under development. It should have been hidden but we just released an updated version of the site that mistakingly shows hidden items too. The item should be available for download sometime next month. I apologize for the inconvenience.
After testing your modifyings: All works great in the way it should do. Another effective and particularly easy working flashstall product! Advisable!!! Thanks ;-)
By goemo on Sep 2 2010 | Accordion Image Gallery
Thanks! All works fine now!!! Now i am the owner of a handy,smart and looking good banner rotator ... ;-)
By goemo on Aug 27 2010 | Slideshow - S1
I'm glad to hear that :)
Hi, has the Accordion the possibility to link to URL's, and also to targets?
By goemo on Aug 26 2010 | Accordion Image Gallery
It supports links but not targets at the moment. I'm going to update the product tomorrow to make setting targets possible.
Are link targets possible now? I'm hot and i want to buy!!!
By goemo on Aug 26 2010 | Slideshow - S1
I'm on it right now. It should not take more than an hour. I'll let you know. p.s. Thanks for your interest in the product!
And now? I'm still waiting ... ;-)
By goemo on Aug 24 2010 | Slideshow - S1
I'm apologize for the lack of responses. Give me by the end of tomorrow. I'll see what I can do.
Any news or updates? Thanks!
By goemo on Jun 12 2010 | Slideshow - S1
Have you planned (timely) to integrate this feature? Very useful ...
By goemo on Jun 3 2010 | Slideshow - S1
Yes. I'm planning on doing that for all my slideshow components.
I would like to buy this slideshow, but is it possible to answer my question before. It's really important! Thanks
By goemo on Jun 3 2010 | Slideshow - S1
Hi, I apologize for the delayed response. Link target can't be set from the configuration XML in this version of the component. It can be easily set, however, from the source code.
Could the links have targets? At the moment each link opens a new window ... Thanks!
By goemo on May 28 2010 | Slideshow - S1
Any chance to get an answer? This should be possible, particularly for all "paying" users, or?
By goemo on Apr 16 2010 | FLV Player Lite
Is it possbile to change the colors of the player (buttons, seekbar a.s.o.)via flashvars?
By goemo on Apr 7 2010 | FLV Player Lite
What means FLV Player "Lite"? Could we expect something "heavier" in the future? ;-) Otherwise: Great stuff with expandable features!!!
By goemo on Apr 3 2010 | FLV Player Lite
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