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Yes. Is the file to compile in /usages examples/actionscript project/project/a3_example_actionscript_project/src ? I don't know how to compile the .as file (I use flash CS4 demo). Thanks
By colorsofindia on Dec 15 2009 | MP3 Player - A3
Please, redownload the file and find the "source" folder. It contains the classes of the player and a .fla file that you can use to compile the player in Flash.
I'm trying to drive your player through javascript using your code. How can I create my .js file (similar to "swfobject_v210.js") and my .swf file (I changed playhead.colors in A3Player.as) ? Thanks
By colorsofindia on Dec 14 2009 | MP3 Player - A3
You can use swfobject.js from http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/ As to the .swf file - are you asking how to compile your own .swf based on the modified code?
I want to modify the color of the thumb when mouse is not over. I wish to obtain color5 when mouse is over and the actual color (less darkthan track's color) when mouse is not over. What is the name of the file (.as ?) concerning please ? Thanks.
By colorsofindia on Dec 9 2009 | MP3 Player - A3
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
Hi. This mp3 player seems too be great...but I don't see any link to download it ;-(
By colorsofindia on Nov 27 2009 | MP3 Player - A3
The download link is temporarily down. You can still however use the code generator (link in the review) to embed the player into your page.
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