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MP3 Player - A3


A lightweight (~8Kb) MP3 player.

Features include:
  • easy to use and customize
  • small file size (~8Kb)
  • fast and reliable
  • original and intuitive design

The component is available in the following variations:
  • standalone (for use in HTML pages)
  • Flash component (for use in Flash / ActionScript projects)
  • Flex component

The download package includes usage examples and source code.An alternative and free* way to use the component in HTML pages is through the code generator.

*Using the component through the code generator is free for non-commercial use only. A commercial license is available for purchase from the purchase link on the right.
hi, great player, works well, except i would like to either add more than one tune on a page, or a play list, but some it only allows one song per page, am i doing something wrong?
having one instance of the player play multiple tracks can easily be achieved through javascript. here's an example: http://emrusev.com/examples/a3-playlist/
Okay, are there any specials instructions for getting this into my webpage? I found it through Adobe Extensions and assumed it would load like most of their extensions. Any help would be appreciated
You can use the code generator.
Excellent player, stylish and easy to use. i look forward to seeing more of your work.
Do that!
Can we add a volume changer to the interface?
No, but you can set default volume through the "volume" property.
Any way to play one track after another, automatically? I used the example of using JavaScript to change tracks, but how about the ability to play several songs in a row.
No, playlists are not supported in the current version of the player.
Hi. This mp3 player seems too be great...but I don't see any link to download it ;-(
The download link is temporarily down. You can still however use the code generator (link in the review) to embed the player into your page.
When I put multiple instances of the player on a page, one player tries to play all the songs
You're probably using the same div tag for all instances. You can see a working example at http://examples.flashstall.com/a3-multiple-player-instances/ and use the source code of that page.
I want to modify the color of the thumb when mouse is not over. I wish to obtain color5 when mouse is over and the actual color (less darkthan track's color) when mouse is not over. What is the name of the file (.as ?) concerning please ? Thanks.
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
I have generated the flashplayer code but how i am going to upload my mp3 song and embeded to the by player with loop and auto start play. Thanks
I'm trying to drive your player through javascript using your code. How can I create my .js file (similar to "swfobject_v210.js") and my .swf file (I changed playhead.colors in A3Player.as) ? Thanks
You can use swfobject.js from http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/ As to the .swf file - are you asking how to compile your own .swf based on the modified code?
Yes. Is the file to compile in /usages examples/actionscript project/project/a3_example_actionscript_project/src ? I don't know how to compile the .as file (I use flash CS4 demo). Thanks
Please, redownload the file and find the "source" folder. It contains the classes of the player and a .fla file that you can use to compile the player in Flash.
Hello, I have downloaded the player to use with Flash. I put it in my components folder, but it is not showing up. Can you tell me how to use this in Flash? Thanks.
Hi, please download the file again. Now a new "flash component" usage example is included. It should help you figure out how to use the component in flash projects. If you have further questions, let me know :)
Hi, when I download the zip file after purchasing (on a Mac), I am unable to open the zip file with Stuffit. "Operation not permitted" error. Any ideas? Thanks.
I sent you an email. I was wondering if you got it to work.
Hi, is it possible to align the different instances of the player with px instead of
. I got 15 instances on my website and don't want to use
. And how can i align the text left? THX
No, you can't align the text / title through the properties of the player.
Hi, This works great in my page when viewed with Firefox but not IE.x. The page loads but not the players. Appreciate any feedback on this. I really like the player...simple and clean lines good functionality. Thx
How do I place one player near the top of the page that plays automatically and another halfway down the page within the text of my weblog that doesn't? http://www.peterlebeckecv.com/ THX
Hi. Paid for file. Where is download link? Thanks
The site has been moving towards a new version and it lacks a few elements. I apologize for the inconvenience.
I've located it.
Great application. How do I display player timer without mouseover in same color as default? Thanks.
The player hides the timer on mouse out so that it doesn't interfere with the title. To modify this behavior you need to edit the source code of the player and recompile.
After further review, it's perfect for our our project at http://www.resmarketing.ws/resources/multimedia/audio.php By the way, can you offer a repeat customer discount for purchase of FLV player?
Looks great! As to the discount, I can't do that as the FLV player is being sold by another author.
I purchased this but, now have now idea how to get it to work in my FLA slide show? Why no instructions?
Give me one day. I'll send you a link to the docs for the player.
Thank you, that would be nice. here is the clients site I need it to work in. I just added the MP3 in a layer for now. Is there a setting to loop as well? http://www.normansilvermandiamonds.com/
Excellent player fast quick and simple THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, I'm interested in using multiple versions, but I don't want more than one player playing at once? Is it possible to update the javascript to pause player one if player two begins? Thanks!
Hey guys. Stupid question how can i change the song to the ones i have in my folder?
You should use the trackURL property. Where are you using the player? In a Flash or HTML site?
Flash site i figured it out thank you. I purchased it and it works fine now. Cheers!
Good to know. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Hey i have another one for you: How can i change the size of the font for making bigger the title of the as3 player? ( meaning "Estelle- American boy").
You can't do that through the properties of the player. The only way to do that would be through the source code.
Love the player thru testing. I'm trying to see how downloadEnabled works. When 'true', r-click on playhead opens mp3 in new window using default player on sys. Is there a way to enable true download?
Hi i have purchased this component however when i click the download link i see a file not found error for the url: http://www.flashstall.com/?download-file:4
Hi I would like to add more than one song per page. Checked this question from another user & your reply URL not working. http://examples.flashstall.com/a3-multiple-player-instances/ thanks!
Is there any chance you can add scrolling text to the player or at the very least limit the text display to stay within the correct area....
..Tracks titles longer than the player overlap onto the play/pause button area making it look a bit crap ;-)
Would also be great if you can use an embedded font so that resizing the player doesn't screw up the appearance of text. Thanks :)
please delete my last posts. Typical of me to not check the updated player/code generator before posting. Nice work guys!! :)
Great player! Is there a way to fix the problem of some files with special characters? I notice that some of the tracks we are testing this player cant play usually a - dash ' comma etc and the player cant load the mp3. Please let me know. Thanks
Thanks for it,i have found a website in which you can get more beautiful flash player:http://playercode.tk
I should add on my page how to code html. please help.
You can use the code generator. There's a link to it in the description.
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