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MP3 Player - A2


A2 is a lightweight (~6Kb) MP3 player for websites. It is powered by a code generator that makes using the player ridiculously easy.

A2 is also available in the following variations:
  • standalone (for use in general HTML pages)
  • WordPress plugin
  • Flash component (for use in Flash / ActionScript projects)
  • Flex component

Use as standalone

Download. Embed just like any .swf file.

The download package includes a documented example that will help you figure it out.

Use as WordPress plugin

Download. Install just like any other WordPress plugin - upload to blog's wp-content/plugins then activate. Optionally configure from Settings -> A2 Options.

Embed the player using the following code in your post:
[a2 trackURL="example.mp3"]

Optionally use multiple parameters:
[a2 trackURL="example.mp3" color1="0x555555" autoPlay="false"]

NOTE: A2 for WordPress requires WordPress 2.5. Tested up to WordPress 2.8.6.

Use as Flash component

Download. Copy A2.swc (you'll find it in the download package) to your components folder.

In ActionScript use:
import com.flashstall.controls.A2;
var a2:A2 = new A2();
a2.trackURL = "example.mp3";

API / Properties

These are the properties you can use to customize the appearance and the behavior of the player. Feel free to play with them in the property explorer.

trackURL the URL path to the .mp3 file to be played (required)
color1 the color of all elements except playhead (optional; default: 0x3399cc)
color2 the color of the playhead (optional; default: 0xFF6666)
autoPlay if set to "true" the track will start playing once the player is loaded in the page (optional; default: false)
volume the default volume. possible values: 0, 1, 2, 3 (optional; default: 2)

Here are some notes on the table.
Hi Can you please tell me how to use this file in Flash only? Thanks. Andi
Hi. Please, download again and follow the "Use in Flash" instructions above. If you have further questions, let me know.
Thanks very much. Why are you not including the .fla file? I need that part....
There are no .fla files available with the player at this point. However the player can be easily used in any .fla file. Find instructions in the review above.
Ok, well I can't use it then, as I need to be able to customize it and change the size (width). Not sure why a fla wouldn't be available for download? - that is unusual.
The player is fully customizable. To customize its width, for example, use "a2.width = 123" (that is assuming you have an instance of the player called "a2")
Ok, that's great! - what about multiple instances?
Sure - as many as you want.
I have CS4 - and I can't find where my "compnents folder" is located....the link you provided only says for CS3, and it's not there anyway????
Please, see the updated document at http://www.flashstall.com/?article:1
Think I found it - for CS3 and CS4
I put the file in the components media folder....put in the as...and nothing happens - are there missing instructions? Thnaks
Hi... How to upload own mp3 song and embeded to the flashplayer.. Thanks.
You can upload your own mp3 file on your server and then use the URL (path) to the uploaded file to set the trackURL property of the player.
How do you get this to work in IE8? I put the code in but the player does not show up in ie.
It should work. Where do you test it - localhost or a remote server?
Hello, i would to fine a player to post my music on facebook, just a player who can read a song, not a play list ? Whe ca do that with A2 or A3 ? thanks for reply... And also i'm on Mac, is it the same version that for PC ?
Hey m40! Thanks for the player it great. Say, is there any way I could get it to loop? Thanks, Max
Hey Max! Looping is not supported in the current version of the player but stay tuned for the next version - it's coming later this month.
Hi! This plugin seems awesome but I can't get multiple instances of this player on a page. I'm confused. Using Safari. Thanks for any help! http://www.loganknows.com/johnnie-ninety-nine
And I put a password protection on the link posted above - "flashstall". I'm using the player on the first 3 tracks but only the first one is showing and playing. Notice the gaps underneath. Thanks!
Thanks for the great player! Is it possible to control the player using Javascript? E.g. let Javascript instruct the player to start playing?
Im new, whats this ? Warning: fopen(/wp-content/plugins/a2-player/config.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \plugins\a2-player\a2-player.php on line 13
Nice player. I used the code from the generator (multiple instances) for some weeks but since some days all instances of the player don't show up on the HTML page any more. Thx!
Great player! I have it installed in a website but the player disappeared from the site - was the link disabled on your end? Are there any limitations for commercial use?
We were moving the site to a new server. That may have caused the disappearing. It should be working fine now. There are no limitations for commercial use.
Quick question: does the player support "playlists" or playlist.xml source files?
Unfortunately it is not possible to change the width of the player for IE 7. Max width is 300px. I only changed one parameter - therefore i exclude other possibilities who causes this error.
... but no problems when i use the code-generator - hm ...! there is something wrong with the standalone-sample in the download file ...
Brilliant! Thanks for the great mp3 player.
Thank you so much!!! vexactly what I needed!!
Thank you so much!!! exactly what I needed!!
excuse me, but the a2.swc it doesnt work, help me...
Great working app...nice! Quick question, though...not understanding how to create multiple players on the same page? Sorry if its right in front of my face. Tried a couple variable changes with no luck? Keep up the great work...much appreciated!
this is a very nice player. exactly what i was looking for. except one thing: since i use it to play different mp3-files (each on it's own site) accessible from one main site, i'd like the player to navigate the browser back to the main site after the
I'm afraid this is not possible with the current version of the player. I hope you'll figure out a way to use it at your site nevertheless.
Hello- Awesome straight forward player and got the multiple players figured out. One issue though....in my implementation, the song plays but the play scrubber does not move and the timer does not change from 0:00. Any thoughts? - much appriciated!
? Just started working- not sure what changed. good stuff-keep up the good work and thx for sharing!
If I use this player as stanallone, it's possible to play more than one mp3-file? Respectively multiple embed possible in one html-file? Thanks very much for answering!
Hey how to use the standalone in asp.net, please help... i am little bit confused about this...
Did you try the code generator at http://a2.emrusev.com/generator
Hello, I love your A2 standallone player. It's possible to play multiple mp3 files? mayby with playlist?
doesnt work in the latest wordpress
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