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Flex Video Player

[swf src="http://www.fxcomponents.com/items/29/preview.swf" width="590" height="371" base="http://www.fxcomponents.com/items/29/" bgcolor="#dddddd"]An open source video player built as a Flex component. Extends mx.controls.VideoDisplay so it supports progressive download over HTTP, streaming from the Flash Media Server, and streaming from a Camera object.
Hi m40, i have downloaded the player, but no chance to open the zip (tested with different programs, WinZip, 7zip, Filezip ...). Any idea?
Hi goemo! Unfortunately that download is not available yet. The product is under development. It should have been hidden but we just released an updated version of the site that mistakingly shows hidden items too. The item should be available for download sometime next month. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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The item is available for free.
Published on Jan 9 2010
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