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Slideshow - S1


S1 is a lightweight (~5Kb), yet highly customizable slideshow.

Features include:
  • easy to customize through XML, no ActionScript knowledge required (explore all properties in the property explorer)
  • small file size (~5Kb)
  • fast and reliable
  • original and intuitive design
  • supports unlimited number of images
  • can load JPEG , PNG and GIF images (of any size)
  • clean, standard based code (included in the commercial version)
This is so stylish. Is it written in ActionScript 3?
Thanks and yes.
I apologize for the stupid question but how do I use this? I'm new to Flash and still learning and I can't figure this out.
Could the links have targets? At the moment each link opens a new window ... Thanks!
I would like to buy this slideshow, but is it possible to answer my question before. It's really important! Thanks
Hi, I apologize for the delayed response. Link target can't be set from the configuration XML in this version of the component. It can be easily set, however, from the source code.
Have you planned (timely) to integrate this feature? Very useful ...
Yes. I'm planning on doing that for all my slideshow components.
Any news or updates? Thanks!
And now? I'm still waiting ... ;-)
I'm apologize for the lack of responses. Give me by the end of tomorrow. I'll see what I can do.
Are link targets possible now? I'm hot and i want to buy!!!
I'm on it right now. It should not take more than an hour. I'll let you know. p.s. Thanks for your interest in the product!
Thanks! All works fine now!!! Now i am the owner of a handy,smart and looking good banner rotator ... ;-)
I'm glad to hear that :)
I am wondering if this slide show can handle several targets per photo? I have some images that have two different Promos that i need to be hot and these promo's are on one image? can this work?
Yes, but you'd need to put these images into .swf files.
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Published on Nov 6 2009
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