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FLV Player Lite


Lightweight, stylish, easy to use and customize: FLV player Lite.

Main features:
  • Complete Streaming System in only 7kbytes!
  • Stylish, contextual, autohiding user interface.
  • Fluid, smooth seekbar with integrated loadbar.
  • Custom preview support for JPG, PNG and SWF.
  • XML Playlist support with thumbnails and captions.
  • Fullscreen with smoothed video and correct aspect ratio.
  • Keyboard and Mouse wheel controls enabled.
  • Custom watermark with integrated linking.
  • FlashVars for any kind of customization.
  • Support for autoPlay and autoLoop.
nice :)
is this really written in AS2?... Do you have a full featured AS3 version? I presume it includes source? thanks.
What means FLV Player "Lite"? Could we expect something "heavier" in the future? ;-) Otherwise: Great stuff with expandable features!!!
Is it possbile to change the colors of the player (buttons, seekbar a.s.o.)via flashvars?
Any chance to get an answer? This should be possible, particularly for all "paying" users, or?
The icons, the colors and the watermark can be edited only with the provided fla source files. This is intended to be that way to protect your own and unique design.
Hi. is it support Vimeo videos? I am looking for a Vimeo video player for Flex. Is there any? Thanks. I can pay up to 50USD for it.
I'm sorry there is no Vimeo support for now.
Hi... it's possible to me customize it to play FLV files without user control? I'm need to run videos locally in an Air app that runs a playlist... in autoload...
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Published on Oct 30 2009
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